Журнал C3 no.418 (2022-2/6)


C3 no.418 (2022-2/6)
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New Projects

A distillery in the shadow of a Chinese mountain embodies shan-shui duality

The Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery _ Neri & Hu Design and Research Office

Contemporary architecture houses Narbonne’s Roman antiquities

Narbo Via _ Foster + Partners

Interview _ Hugh Stewart + Michèle Woodger

Rethinking the art archive as an active urban asset

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum _ MVRDV

Interview _ Winy Maas + Herbert Wright


The Spectral Ontologies of Type and Context

The Spectral Ontologies of Type and Context _ Mannyoung Chung

A private residence becomes a living spiritual memorial to a leading Korean actress

Aquarius Pyramid _ Iroje Architects and Planners

The Aquarius Pyramid and the Aporia of Memory _ John Hong

A microcosm of a neighborhood created by rooms, yards and hills

Cheongna Hana Financial Co-Work Daycare Center _ ISON Architects

For the Children of Perinthia: The Fictional City of Hana Daycare Center _ Myung Seok Hyun

A café designed to maximize views of the sea, while protecting from its onslaught

Coralani _ IDMM Architects

What Heesoo Kwak’s Coralani desires _ Hyon-Sob Kim

Structural features echo a Busan site's history of steel wire making

F1963 Yupzip _ ONE O ONE Architects

Camouflage and the ‘building next door’ _ Gunsoo Shin


Opnion  The Secret Lives of Architects _ John Hong



Beyond the Spectacle, Signals Sustainability

Beyond the Spectacle: Dubai Expo Signals Sustainability _ Herbert Wright

Technology, structure and scale demonstrate state-of-the-art sustainability

Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion _ Grimshaw

Finland represents its nature, culture and sustainable agenda in a box

Finland Pavilion _ JKMM Architects

Dynamic architecture presents a constantly changing pavilion

South Korea Pavilion _ Moon Hoon + Mooyuki

Interview _ Moon Hoon + Herbert Wright

Technology helps nature create a showcase miniature tropical world

Singapore Pavilion _ WOHA

Страна: Корея
Язык: английский/корейский
Периодичность: 6
240 Pages /2000 g /
22.5cmX 30cm /
ISSN 2092-5190


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