Журнал DETAIL 11/2020 — Building Simply


DETAIL 11/2020 - Building Simply
Building simply. Is that even possible?
After all, construction and building services engineering are becoming increasin....
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Complex Times

To build simply – is that even possible? Can building be an easy task today, given a building culture shaped by standards, an oversupply of construction materials, and industrial production methods? Construction and building services engineering are becoming increasingly complicated. Nevertheless, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has established a research group dedicated to “Simple Building”. But the question they’re investigating is how the principles of simple construction can be applied without restricting users’ comfort and behaviour. The memorial in Gardelegen by BHBVT, with its 72 cm thick walls made of light­weight concrete, won us over with its simple details. The monolithic structure, however, required a lot of building material. The temporary homes in Barcelona have a smaller eco­logical footprint. They consist of reused shipping containers.

More ideas on the concept of the term simplicity in our affluent society in our November issue.

Страна: Германия
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