Журнал DETAIL 10/2021 Facades


DETAIL 10/2021 Facades
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Making a Mark

Thanks to their facades, buildings get on well with their neighbours or deliberately keep their distance. The new theatre building at Horris Hill School in England even does both at the same time. Its reddish-brown exterior blends in with the historic brick buildings of the school campus. But instead of brick, the facade of the new timber structure is made of cement-bonded chipboard.

Our October issue showcases outstanding projects that make a mark with their facades – be they subtle, self-confident, or eccentric. In the process, the facades solve complex technical and structural issues at the sensitive interface between interior and exterior.

Our Technology feature delves into the conversion of the Centrum department store and the complex task of strengthening its supporting structure. More in-depth discussions of this and other fascinating facade projects will take place on 21 October at our Detail Congress.


  • October
  • 2021
  • German / English

Страна: Германия
Язык: немецкий/английский
Периодичность: 10 выпусков в год+ 2 Detail Green + 2 Special