Журнал The Plan 127 [12-2020 | 01-2021]


Журнал The Plan 127 [12-2020 | 01-2021]
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Karen McEvoy | Merritt Bucholz | Onsitestudio | Tatiana Bilbao | Steven Holl Architects | Pablo Saric | Cristian Winckler | RUR Architecture | Fei & Cheng Associates | Henning Larsen | KeurK | Marlon Blackwell Architects | Studio Gang |

This issue opens with an editorial by Karen McEvoy and Merritt Bucholz dedicated to “spaces that breathe” – that is, when architecture actively works to mediate with the surrounding environment. In the Viaggio in Italia column, Valerio Paolo Mosco uses the designs of Onsitestudio to outline “The Raison d’Être behind an Essential Architecture.” In Highlights, Michael Webb explores the relationship between art, architecture, and light in his look at a project by Steven Holl Architects: the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. In Letter from America, Raymund Ryan takes us to Monterrey to showcase Tatiana Bilbao Estudio’s design of a major new addition to the UDEM university campus. On the Pacific coast of Chile, Pablo Saric + Cristian Winckler have created a vacation home distinguished by an architectural approach founded on elementary, primordial, and expressive principles. RUR Architecture DPC has brought music to the ears of the Taiwanese with the Taipei Music Center Performance Hall, a venue that’s set to compete with Asia’s other major arts centers. Connecting nature and technology within an urban context, Biotope is the name of an innovative office complex designed by Henning Larsen and KeurK. Marlon Blackwell Architects is responsible for the new Innovation Lab at the Lamplighter School in Texas, a project that centers on integrated, fluid spaces and interconnected learning experiences. Finally, we look at Studio Gang’s Solar Cave, a mixed-use building that resembles a finely cut black diamond.

Страна: Италия
Язык: английский
Издатель: Centauro S.r.l.


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