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best of DETAIL Materials + Finishes


best of DETAIL Materials + Finishes

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Architectural highlights from DETAIL

Architecture – a discipline dominated by materials

Materials and their finishes lend buildings and interiors their distinctive characters. Yet, which criteria persuade architects to use or not use a particular material? How do they find the right one among a seamlessly endless array of materials? Today, material selection is usually kept completely separate from local conditions and traditions and is rarely restricted by design requirements.

This volume, part of the “Best of Detail” series, provides guidance while presenting different approaches of renowned architecture firms in how they select materials. It also provides an insight into material research and technological innovations that are perfect for experimentation. Last but not least, several completed architectural projects from DETAIL publications from the past four years offer abundant inspiration for the reader’s own work.

* Material selection and architecture
* New developments in materials
* Facades and interiors
* Materials comparison: look, feel, properties

Язык: английский/немецкий
Издатель: Detail
Language: German / English
Publishing date: 2016
Format: softcover - 21 x 29,7 cm

best of DETAIL Materials + Finishes