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FAST FORWARD. No. 2. Dense City


FAST FORWARD. No. 2. Dense City
Author:Nadin Heinich (ed.)

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Dense, mixed-use cities are often seen as a basic prerequisite for achieving climate neutrality by the middle of this century and living within the constraints of the planet’s resources. The second issue of Fast Forward magazine takes a closer look at this thesis and discusses the consequences for building in Germany and beyond. It is about vertical densification through high-rise buildings, in-fill construction, reducing land sealing, and preservation of the existing building fabric. But it’s also about aspects of mobility, infrastructure, and digitization, about smart cities, AI, and data centers. And about the fundamental questions: How much density can a livable city tolerate? What do we need for a good life? And are there alternatives to radical sacrifices if we don’t want to continue living at the expense of future generations?

With contributions by Eva Herr, Christoph Ingenhoven, Charlie Koolhaas, Elisabeth Merk, Philipp Rode, Werner Sobek, Liam Young et al.

About the magazine: Fast Forward is the first magazine at the intersection of architecture and real estate in the German-speaking world to address the big questions about the future of our cities, construction, and architecture. It offers a dialogue with players ranging from local to international, from architects and artists to project developers and investors, politicians and representatives of the construction industry. The editors explore the creative and economic questions without fear of contradiction. Fast Forward is curious and unideological, in search of those who leave their mark. It is published once a year and is the continuation of the annual conference “Architecture Matters” in magazine form.

Язык: английский/немецкий
Издатель: Ruby Press
English, German
90 Pages
May 19, 2022
ISBN 978-3-944074-43-6