Garden: The Architectural Review Issue 1478, February 2021


Garden: The Architectural Review Issue 1478
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Kéré Architecture | Junya Ishigami + Associates | Sameep Padora + Associates | Kounkuey Design Initiative | Tanja Lincke Architekten | X Architects | Gilles Clément | Roberto Burle Marx | Typology: Shed

In Practice: Gilles Clément on the planetary garden The ‘planetary garden’ is a means of living in harmony with nature, appreciating the ecosystem in all its diversity, acting as  gardener and guardian

Step change: Balaji Temple in Bilakalagudur, India by Sameep Padora + Associates Sameep Padora’s Balaji Temple in Bilakalagudur village blends the sacred with environmental concerns, and innovative spatial configurations with traditional norms

Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994)   Despite the ethical complexities of collaborating with a military regime, Burle Marx made his voice heard as an environmental advocate

Palestine’s garden walls: the deliberate destruction of Palestine’s terraced gardens There is a growing desire to mitigate the harm inflicted on the cherished terraced gardens and communities of Palestine

Reclaiming the ruins: Ruin Garden in Berlin, Germany by Tanja Lincke and Anselm Reyle Despite building anew at the Ruin Garden in Berlin, Tanja Lincke and Anselm Reyle preserve its wild character, bearing witness to an uneasy past


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