Журнал The Plan 129 [04-2021]


Журнал The Plan 129 [4-202]
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Tony Joseph | Labics | Kanva | Rurban Studio | TJAD | Piraccini + Potente Architettura | JSa Architects | Robert Hutchison Architecture | bonetti/kozerski architecture | Malfona Petrini | Steven Holl Architects |

Is it still possible for architecture and nature to coexist? This is the question posed by Tony Joseph from STAPATI in the #THEPLAN129 editorial. In Viaggio in Italia, Valerio Paolo Mosco looks at the autonomous architecture of Labics, opening a discussion with international relevance. But sustainability and nature are the focus of this issue. We look at the Biodome, a living museum redesigned by Canadian studio KANVA with NEUF architect(e)s, as well as the Xia Dynasty Museum in Erlitou, the work of TJAD and Rurban Studio. Also featured are a project by Piraccini+Potente Architettura that innovatively reinterprets the traditions of Italy’s Cesena area. Malfona Petrini Architetti reworks modern compositional traditions in its “house in the woods,” while the project by Robert Hutchison Architecture and JSa sets out to find a complete symbiosis between the built and natural environments. Our focus also extends to art, with Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture’s design for Pace Gallery, an example of living, monumental art gallery design that rewrites the Manhattan lexicon. We also look at an extraordinary project by Steven Holl Architects’ that balances light and lightness: Winter Visual Arts Building, Franklin & Marshall College.

Страна: Италия
Язык: английский
Издатель: Centauro S.r.l.