Журнал N. 207 Estúdio Gustavo Utrabo 2015 2020


Журнал N. 207 Estúdio Gustavo Utrabo 2015 2020

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Gustavo Utrabo (Curitiba, Brazil, 1984) graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the Federal University of Paraná in 2010. He has participated in conferences and in various events at institutions such as the GSD in Harvard, the IIT in Chicago, the University of Hong Kong, the Future Architecture Platform of museum MAO in Ljubljana, RIBA in London and the School of Architecture and Urbanism in São Paulo, among others. He was a visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong and an assistant professor at the Escola da Cidade de São Paulo. Gustavo Utrabo was a founding partner of Aleph Zero for six years, being in charge of the main projects of the firm.
His work has been awarded numerous international prizes, including: Prize APCA (2017), Prize Tomie Ohtake AkzoNobel (2017), American Architecture Prize - Social Housing (2018), Oscar Niemeyer Prize for Latin-American Architecture (Third Prize, 2018) or RIBA International Prize (2018).
Central Roof for the
Florianopolis Public MarketCaiobá HouseHouse+House

Children's Village in Canuanã

Canopies for Xingu
Indigenous Park

Children's Village in Bodoquena

Drawing the Shade

Amazon Community
IndustryRestaurant in a GardenJardim São Francisco
Cultural Centre

Rua 7 Building

WPP Campus

House in Paraty

Fields, Shade and Shelters

Страна: Испания
Язык: английский / испанский
Издатель: El Croquis
Периодичность: 5 раз в год
Semi-hard cover
254 pages
24 x 34 cm - 2,0 Kg