Журнал N. 206 Studio Anne Holtrop 2009 2020


Журнал N. 206 Studio Anne Holtrop 2009 2020

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Anne Holtrop (1977, Netherlands) started his own practice in 2009. Currently his studios are based in Amsterdam (NL) and Muharraq (BH). In 2015, he completed his first two major buildings, Museum Fort Vechten and the National Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Recently realizations include the Manama Central Post Office and the Qaysariya Suq and Green Corner Building in Muharraq. The studio is working on new stores worldwide for Maison Margiela, with flagship stores in London, Paris, Osaka and NYC, and several Unesco-listed heritage buildings in Bahrain: Murad Boutique Hotel and Siyadi Pearl Museum.
The work of the studio, as well as teaching and research outcomes, are compiled and presented internationally at biennales and institutions. Recent exhibits include the first Sharjah Architecture Triennial, the Seoul Architecture Biennial, Frac Le Plateau and an upcoming presentation at the Carnegie Museum of Art.
Trail House
A Tower
Temporary Museum [Lake]
Museum Fort Vechten
Batara Pavillion and Model
National Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain
Qaysariyah Suq
Manama Central Post Office
Siyadi Pearl Museum
Murad Boutique Hotel
Public Space Sheikh Ebrahim Center
Bus Stop for Haddon Baptist Church
Garden House
Maison Margiela Bruton Street
Green Corner Building
Shop Windows for Maison Margiela Bruton Street
Topography as House
Art institute, Riyadh
Adhari Galleries


Страна: Испания
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Издатель: El Croquis
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