Журнал N. 204 Xaveer de Geyter 2005 2020


Журнал N. 204 Xaveer de Geyter 2005 2020

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This monograph focuses on the work accomplished by Xaveer De Geyter Architects between 2005 and 2020, office founded by this Belgian architect in 1991.
Xaveer de Geyter (Doornik - Belgium, 1957) graduated at the Architecture Institute St. Lucas in Ghent in 1981. After that, he started working at Rem Koolhaas' office (OMA) in Rotterdam, until 1991, when he founded his own office.
At the same time, he has been working as a teacher in the school where he obtained his degree. He has also worked as visiting and guest professor at the Berlage Institute, Delft, Netherlands (1993-2003), the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (2004) and the ETH, Zurich, Switzerland (2016).
The office Xaveer De Geyter Architects has won several international competitions, as well as numerous awards throughout its trajectory, including the Flemish Culture Award for Architecture in 2014, the Mies van der Rohe award in 2003 and the Charles Wilford Prize in the years 1993 and 1992.

Страна: Испания
Язык: английский / испанский
Издатель: El Croquis
Периодичность: 5 раз в год
Semi-hard cover
255 pages
24 x 34 cm - 1,8 Kg


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