Журнал DETAIL Issue 4/2022 Solid Construction


DETAIL Issue 4/2022 Solid Construction
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Built with Solid Walls

Natural stone and perforated bricks, cast-in-place concrete, and rammed earth in prefabricated elements – these are just a few of the diverse materials used in solid construction, and their use is often regionally motivated.

On the edge of Palma, capital of the Balearic island of Mallorca, a social housing development takes up the local building tradition: its solid walls and vaulted ceilings are made of locally quarried sandstone in reddish beige. In the English county of Devonshire, solid limestone walls have characterized the landscape for centuries; the conversion of the Red Hill barn into a home continues this tradition. At the Romanticism Museum in Frankfurt am Main, solid construction with in-situ and aerated concrete has been used to create a spatial experience that adeptly conveys the art movement’s spirit, symbolized by the “Blue Flower”.

Страна: Германия
Язык: немецкий/английский
Периодичность: 10 выпусков в год+ 2 Detail Green + 2 Special