Endless Performance. Buildings for Performing Arts


Театры и концертные залы

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The buildings for performing arts—including theatres, concert halls, opera houses—that we show in this book are actual endless live performance. Architecture is connected with music, opera, and people by the "director"—the architect—and then art is extended. Newly built, renovated, and innovative soundscaping, all architects are exploring and aiming to establish a new relationship between art, people, and buildings for contemporary life. This book selects the latest and different types of buildings for performing art from around the world. Some of them new construction, and others are reborn with interesting stories, but all of them are cityscapes and endless live performance.

Язык: английский
Издатель: Design Media Publishing Ltd
Автор: Qian Yin (Editor)
Количество страниц: 280
Переплет: твердая обложка
ISBN: 9789881506962
Вес: 580 гр.
Переплет: твердая обложка
Год выпуска: 2012

Театры и концертные залы

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