The Art of Bar Design / Искусство дизайна баров


The Art of Bar Design / Искусство дизайна баров.
Автор: Natali Canas del Pozo

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  • More than 40 award-winning bars from across the world, mostly completed after 2015, have been selected for analysis
  • This book will be a rich source of inspiration for architects, professional designers, photographers and bar owners

Bars are more than drinking spaces - they also provide a place to socialize. Interior design can make or break a bar; it has great

influence over the establishment's future prospects. Bars should be both functional and aesthetically striking, to leave a strong

first impression on customers and guarantee their continued patronage.

This book is a trailblazer in the niche field of bar design. Over 40 award-winning international bar design projects are included.

Each case study is presented alongside a concept brief, photos, plans, and concise analysis, so the reader can understand how

the bar's design suits its function.

Natali Canas del Pozo

, a Spanish interior designer, is a partner at El Equipo Creativo, an interior design studio based in

Barcelona. She specialises in gastronomic, commercial and brand spaces, and has won multiple international awards for her

work, including Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, The Great Indoors Awards, FX International Award, and more

Язык: английский
Издатель: Images Publishing
Количество страниц: 248
Иллюстрации: 350
Переплет: твердая обложка
ISBN: 9781864707731

The Art of Bar Design / Искусство дизайна баров.Автор: Natali Canas del Pozo

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