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The Public Interior as Idea and Project


The Public Interior as Idea and Project
- reprint

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The book The Public Interior as Idea and Project is Mark Pimlott's follow up of the book Without and Within: essays on territory and the interior.

The idea of this new publication by Mark Pimlott orginates from a series of lectures given to students of the course ' The Architecture of the Interior' at Delft University of Technology. As the public interior dominates the experience of public environments in our time - realms currently dominated by infrastructure or commercial interests - its consideration is essential for all those involved in their making and use.

The public interior, as a place in the World for people to be themselves with others, has been designed, and is thus inscribed within culture and its ideas. It seems very important to attend to and discuss these ideas of the public interior - congruous with those of architecture - as they have been embodied within it, across time and function.

Mark Pimlott developed a lecture series that concerned a selection of culturally inscribed ideas of the public interior as they have come to be realised in built form over centuries. Rather than attempting an encyclopaedic overview of the public interiors or the great ideas that operate within Western culture, the author settled upon six potent themes through which many exemplary interiors and deeply rooted ideas could appear. These themes were: the Palace, the Garden, the Ruin, the Shed, the Network and the Machine. Each could be seen as essential to the design of important interiors: in the hands of their designers, whether known or anonymous, the themes were used directly or unconsciously. Furthermore, many exemplary interiors could be discussed in the context of one or several themes. The exemplars discussed all together formed a kind of canon of the public interior, and demonstrate that the public interiors that we have made, and work, are those deeply embedded into the ideas we have consciously constructed and consciously, and sometimes unconsciously deploy.

Язык: английский
Издатель: Jap Sam Books
176 Pages
May 27, 2022
ISBN: 978-94-90322-52-6