DETAIL №3/2017 новый номер

DETAIL 3/2017 - Concept: Housing for Seniors новый номер
A serious consideration of housing forms for the elderly is long overdue. What concepts comply
with the needs and wishes of the older generation? In the current issue of Detail, we present
various housing developments for senior citizens. The cultural background ranges from Japan to
Switzerland, from Paris to Frankfurt and London, and a question is addressed that arises in all
industrial nations. Typologies of homes for seniors are documented here that offer various levels
of care in forms that range from dwelling clusters to solitary buildings integrated in the urban
Health centres that provide special medical support and that contain communal zones are
discussed as well as subsidized housing that offers old people – whether in wheelchairs or not –
scope to find happiness within their own four walls. Our editorial team has taken a closer look at
the Erika Horn care home in Graz, for example, as well as the Padre Rubinos social centre in
Corunna. The views of residents there reveal how successful housing concepts can have a direct
impact on the lives of people in advanced years. We hope these themes may be of inspiration to
you in this field.
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